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Dry cleaning uses a liquid detergent instead of water. The liquid solvent used in dry cleaning has no water or solvent, hence the name dry cleaning. The solvent used is re-circulating through numerous filters during the dry cleaning process to remove various impurities, including residue from wool and silk fibres as well as dust mites, dirt, and pet dander. This type of  Bristol dry cleaning is preferred over conventional hot water laundry because it’s much safer especially for delicate items.

The fact that dry cleaning doesn’t use any water lends itself to many other advantages, most commonly a decrease in grease on fabrics and a decrease in mildew on clothing. Dry cleaning allows clothes to hang to dry on their own and is less damaging to fabric than conventional washing methods. Many dry cleaning services include drying racks so that clothes can be hung on a hanger to dry. This process leaves garments very dry, however it isn’t recommended for all fabrics.

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Bristol Dry Cleaning Service

To truly understand the advantages of dry cleaning clothing, you really need to first understand how the dry cleaning procedure works. Dry cleaning is simply a simple service which removes stains and soils on fabrics to either clean those items deemed too dirty to be put in a washing machine or a dryer.

As was mentioned previously, when doing your laundry, the main advantage of a dry cleaning service is that it removes all of the stains from your clothes; this allows for quicker laundry preparation time, and less work during your laundry day.

Another benefit of this type of service is that the clothes come out looking exactly the same as they did the day they were first washed, because the stain resistant properties within the fabric of the clothes have already been taken care of. In the case of spotty clothes, this means that they can be brushed or ironed, but the stain will still remain on the clothes. Overall, when using a dry cleaning service for your clothes, they will come out looking as good as new!

More Laundry Services

Dry Cleaning

We offer dry cleaning of suits, dresses, skirts, blouses, jackets, and all types of clothing you need dry cleaned.


Our Spring laundry service offers Duvet cleaning including King Size, feather pillows, double, and so much more. 


Let us wash your household items such as curtains, rugs, blankets, sofa covers, and sofa cushions.


Our Bristol launderette has self-service machines down to dry cleaning, wash n fold, and pressing services.

Our Bristol Dry Cleaning Process

Garments are brought to the facility on collection

  1. All garments are ‘pre-spotted’ for stains and appropriate treatment applied.
  2. Garments are placed in the Dry Cleaning machine for cleaning.
  3. Garments are then pressed & Hand Finished for superior results.
  4. Finally the garments are post-checked at quality control. Here we look for loose hems, threads, buttons, and that stains have been removed before ensuring the items are pressed to our high standard and packed ready for delivery back to the clients. This is audited for compliance.

We use the most modern, Eco-friendly machinery and equipment Housed within the facility ensuring the best possible results.

we are the best in this league!

Clients Say About Us

Kudos to the team at Spring Professional Laundry Service for making my suits and shirts look like a million dollars! I love using Spring Professional Laundry Service to do my dry cleaning and highly recommend the collection and delivery service.

Juan Hori


Just an amazing place to go such a friendly staff atmosphere and Noor who works there is so very approachable and friendly just can’t do enough
Very reasonable priced ! Washing machines and dryers are second to none very good at washing and drying at very very reasonable prices. “

Kenneth John


Excellent professional laundry services with very good customer care.I was extremely impressed by cleanliness and freshness of my laundry when I got them back.Also good value for money service. Keep it up spring Laundry! “

John Smith